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Striking A Chord

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Striking a chord is an in-depth home study course on playing rhythm guitar - the art of playing chords; the basis to most songs. Stage one is aimed at total beginners from around the age of sixteen years up, and would be suitable for anyone wanting a general beginner's guide to playing guitar or those wanting a course which focuses on the techniques of rhythm guitar playing. The course material is written for both right and left handers and is suitable for electric or acoustic guitarists.

The main aim when writing this course was to make it as near as possible to having one-to-one lessons with a teacher. The course will guide you from learning your first open position chords, through your first attempts at changing between these chords and then adding your first rhythms. Through the use of especially written chord sequences, the course will go on to build your repertoire of chords and introduce you to new rhythms, techniques and theory step-by-step. Please be aware that this course does not deal with lead guitar playing (improvisation).

The package contains two discs.

Disc one (CDrom in both Windows and Mac format)

  • The e-book (the core part of the course) 63 pages in A4 format (ISBN 978-0-9571166-0-3)
  • 27 audio files of example rhythms and backing tracks to play along with
  • Photographs of all the chords used in both right and left-handed versions
  • Software metronome

  • Disc Two

  • DVD with two and a half hours of video lessons to be used alongside the book

  • £19.95 plus £1.50 P&P