On this page you'll find some resources that you may find useful. There will also be the occasional backing track for improvistion and even the odd video lesson. Please feel free to download and save any of these files. There are also some links to resources on other sites.

Blank Pages

  • Chord boxes (An A4 sheet of blank chord boxes)
  • The Fretboard (A fretboard chart with all the notes up to the 12th fret)
  • Blank fretboard (A Blank fretboard for note learning and scale familiarisation)
  • Scale boxes (5 blank scale boxes with 6 fret span)
  • Manuscript (A4 sheet of standard, 10-stave manuscript paper)
  • Guitar TAB (A4 sheet of guitar TAB)
  • Guitar TAB extra space (A4 sheet of Guitar TAB with extra space between for chords etc)
  • Manuscript with guitar TAB (A4 sheet of manuscript with guitar TAB under)
  • Bass clef manuscript (A4 sheet of bass clef 10-stave manuscript paper)
  • Bass TAB (A4 sheet of Bass TAB)
  • Bass clef manuscript with bass TAB (A4 sheet of bass clef manuscript with bass TAB under)

  • Improvisation Backing Tracks

    All of the backing tracks below are short, 8 bar sequences to keep them small and so very quick to download. To use them you'll need to loop (continuously repeat) the file. Most media players have the facility to do this. Sometimes there is a button on the player window or you may have to go to the play command and choose the option for repeat. But then you'll be able to play for hours!

  • Backing track for use with C major scale.
  • Backing track for use with A major scale.
  • Backing track for use with G major and/or G major pentatonic scale.
  • Backing track for use with Bb blues Scale.