Face to Face or Remote – Your choice

Well the studio is now well and truly up and operating again for face to face lessons but remote learning is now here to stay. I invested a lot in making sure the remote learning was as good as it can be with multiple camera angles and the ability to zoom in close to see all the detail. So if you’re interested in remote lessons please do get in touch.

Remote lessons during the Covid-19 crisis

In these very difficult times caused by the Coronavirus I am extending my provision of remote lessons using Skype or Zoom with the aim of providing a way for people to continue or to begin to have guitar lessons when is isolation. These are available for adults or children and for any level.

For more details please contact me using any of the methods on my contact page.

Great Gig

Great to see Larry Carlton at Hull City Hall last night. Not often you get to see one of the guitar greats so locally! A real treat.